The Oral Care Set


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Complete oral care, with whitening.

Product description

Upgrade your oral care routine and brighten your smile with our customer favourites.

The Teeth Whitening Kit delivers at least 2 shades whiter teeth, while The Pink Toothpaste protects against cavities and strengthens enamel. Use the Breath Spray for fresh breath on the go.

What's included

Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

Pink Toothpaste

Pink Toothpaste

Breath Spray

Breath Spray

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How do I use the Oral Care Set?


In the morning

  1. Use the Pink Toothpaste after breakfast to protect against cavities, prevent sensitivity, and freshen up your breath.
  2. Freshen up with two pumps of the Breath Spray periodically throughout your day.

Before bed

  1. Use the Pink Toothpaste to get rid of any bacteria, so your teeth are ready to whiten.
  2. Apply Whitening Gel to the Kit, and pop it in for a 10 minute application. Spit and rinse after use.

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