Coconut Mouthwash

€11.99 EUR

Whiten Teeth.
Eliminate Bad Breath.
Maintain Gum Health.

Our Coconut Mouthwash has been designed to incorporate the ancient method of oil pulling and the modern day abilities to whiten your teeth. The Coconut Mouthwash utilises the natural abilities of organic coconut oil to extract toxins from your teeth and gums. This is an important and often forgotten step of your oral hygiene routine.

What is it?

A natural whitening mouthwash.


The Coconut Mouthwash whitens teeth, helps remove plaque from your teeth and keep your gums healthy and breath smelling fresh.

Key Ingredients

Sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil.


The most effective way to maintain oral hygiene

Step 1: Squeeze a third of the tube into mouth

Step 2: Swirl in mouth for 2 minutes

Step 3: Rinse mouth with warm water

How it works image